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About Me

Hello, my name is Enescu George Iulian, I have 30 year old. I'm a passionate of trips in nature and trips for fishing. I am a professional tour guide. I am also guide for fishing and for survival. For over 5 years I spend much of life with tourists and fishermen from other countries in the wonderful Danube Delta. My job is to guide and assist tourists for superb stay in Romania starting from preparing the logistics of the project and up to the last detail of your stay. For the Danube Delta my task begins with making available for the group of tourists a plans and then we will modify and establish together all the details, costs, documents, permits, arrival, reception and transport in the country, accommodation , dining, leisure projects and / or survival and return to the airport . In daily projects included the Delta motor boating for observing flora and fauna (birds, plants, fish, animals), places (lakes, canals, sand banks, forests), Delta villages and people. Another project is to visit places where the Danube flows into the Black Sea, populated places such as Saint George and Sulina known places, locations and opportunities lively and beautiful beach, restaurants, shops and wild places untouched by human hand with wild beaches. It will alternate with traditional dinners taken in various family farms with those prepared by us in nature with what she gives us meaning fish and other goodies. We have programs for recreation and movement with kayaks, we will teach you to fish and how to get out of difficult situations. All these projects include friends and collaborators of ours, owners of pensions, locals, transport companies on land or water, local guides, all to ensure the success of dream holidays. Each project is unique and we will submitted for discussions and putting all the details, we together with the leader of the group of tourists. For that you can my email address and my phone number. Discussions will be in English and preparing a project would be good to start with 1, 2 months before. In parallel we propose wonderful stays in areas such as the Black Sea coast of Romania, Apuseni Mountains, Transylvania, Bukovina and other places.

Enescu George Iulian
Tel: 0040728534057

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